Spring Incantation: The Western Sunrise

An incantation to mark the spring season of 2019, to celebrate and revivify the men and women of the West. Written by Jared George (The Great Order) and recited by Jared and Jason Köhne (No White Guilt) Background Music: “Nimrod,” by Edward Elgar   Text: It is spring The unconquerable sun returns This time, the equinox with light and dark in parallel we celebrate proportion … Continue reading Spring Incantation: The Western Sunrise

American Autopsy: That Esquire Article

This…THIS is what’s so controversial?! Instead of discussing the hateful attacks on the lead article from Esquire March 2019, important as that subject is, this video analyzes the article itself. Link to the Esquire Article itself PS Notice how the Esquire article editors missed the typo of misspelling “gauntlet.”   Article Version Was published on Republic Standard magazine, my first for that publication, on February … Continue reading American Autopsy: That Esquire Article

White New Deal

    /or/ We’re Not Gonna Take It! Not that I put much faith in electoral politics…but if the politicians ask, tell them this.  The seven points were composed in conjunction with Twitter account, @WhiteStudentT — Direct BitChute Link    — Text: Any politician seeking the votes of European-descended peoples (sometimes called “white” for the sake of ease) must: 1. Ensure that laws regarding racial bias and … Continue reading White New Deal

Halloween Poetry Reading: The Erl-King

A dark poem for this time of year based on Scandinavian and Germanic folklore.  Originally composed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in 1782, this version is the English translation by Sir Walter Scott.  *Being re-uploaded to BitChute   This was my entry for the poetry reading contest held on Carolyn Emerick’s 2018 Halloween Livestream Extravaganza.    -More on the Erl-King: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erlking Continue reading Halloween Poetry Reading: The Erl-King

Livestream: Jared and Jason on Serving White Wellbeing, No White Guilt

  Direct YouTube Link A direct talk with the audience where we discuss their suggestions for the show’s name and, more importantly, their ideas for advancing white wellbeing. — Interview and Public Appearance Disclaimer Opinions, thoughts, and views of guests/cohosts of shows on which I appear do not necessarily represent my opinions, thoughts, and views.  My appearance on other shows/podcasts/channels does not necessarily represent sympathy, … Continue reading Livestream: Jared and Jason on Serving White Wellbeing, No White Guilt

#FreeWoes A Vital Message

*being re-uploaded to BitChute   Speaking from the heart about the influence and generous spirit of a great voice on YouTube, Millennial Woes, who has been banned from Twitter for writing a statistic. Meanwhile, certain Twitter users who are verified with a blue checkmark openly spew hatred and vitriol towards peoples of European descent. We will be showing Woes support with the following hashtag: #FreeWoes — … Continue reading #FreeWoes A Vital Message

Your Inheritance Interrupted

A powerful testimony from a listener. What used to be a birthright bequeathed by your ancestors and the whole way of being your ethno-culture built in the past is now something we frantically scramble around looking for. Direct BitChute Link     -Painting in thumbnail:  Nathaniel Dance-Holland, The Pybus Family. Circa 1769. Oil on canvas. National Gallery of Victoria, Australia Continue reading Your Inheritance Interrupted

Livestream: Heiðrūn, Lady of the Free Folk on Reconstituting Civilization, No White Guilt

Direct YouTube Link Regardless of your religious convictions or lack thereof, this conversation provides much by delving very deeply into the essence of being a European person, the ways of our ancestors, and how our natural inclinations need to express now, pushing back against the meaningless modern culture that has wounded us. This livestream elicited some of the most impassioned responses from our audience to … Continue reading Livestream: Heiðrūn, Lady of the Free Folk on Reconstituting Civilization, No White Guilt

Slaying Multi Culti Arguments Key # 4: Rainbow City

Direct BitChute Link     Take me down to the rainbow city where…  I tried to talk to my neighbor but he couldn’t understand me so I tried to talk with my other neighbors to organize a nice neighborhood party but no one can do it because we all have different dietary restrictions, customs, and days of religious obligation, then I tried to resolve a … Continue reading Slaying Multi Culti Arguments Key # 4: Rainbow City

The Sperm Apocalypse

Direct YouTube Link  Also on BitChute Products I use (I am not financially compensated from linking and am not associated with these companies): –Mobile Phone Protector   –Shower Filter   –Water Bottle with built-in Filter   –Nutri Bullet 900, I use it every day   –Applegate Natural Meats   -A prebiotic fiber that removes estrogens from body. This company also makes organic and wild-sourced green … Continue reading The Sperm Apocalypse

Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

Direct BitChute Link   -Alternate Ways to Shop and vote with your wallet: The I Buy American website compiles American brands. There are other list sites like this out there…   — -The ad:   -JF has stats that refute the mainstream narrative about police singling out black people etc.:   — Article Version: The poisons, the untenable aspects, the imminent danger, of globalism and the multi-cultural … Continue reading Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt