These nine foundational articles lay out a sequence of broad considerations providing a framework, and broadly, the spirit of this site and project. I am a holistic thinker and the aim in writing these was to clarify how the physical, mental and spiritual elements behind what I do, and the moment in history we live in, mesh with each other.

The machinations of how these play out more specifically via cultural shifts, power and politics are not addressed here. Rather, those are being continually developed, as I myself learn in public via my livestreams and videos.

The following essays have remained essentially unchanged since this site went live in late August, 2017.

-Jared George

  1. Through the Narrow Pass
  2. The Narrow Pass of Our Times: Globalism vs. Extreme Chauvinism
  3. The Tyranny of Projection
  4. Layers of Consciousness
  5. Does Consciousness Really Precede Form?
  6. Layers of Identity
  7. Layers of Kinship
  8. A Taxonomy of Feelings
  9. Love


*Please Note: For a brief read, the About page on the TAP TV site serves as an overview for why the emphasis is on defending peoples of European descent.

That piece indeed fits into the longer perspective presented in the linked essays above.
Boundaries and the ability to defend them is an essential part of life, and those boundaries exist on multiple levels.

Your ethnic background is one such boundary, it’s not meaningless, there’s no “you” without it.

You would never say, “I love my mother–but please don’t think that means I hate yours!”

People of European descent–white people–have by and large been brainwashed into such absurd apologies and meekness about their own larger family of people (and believe they aren’t even “a people”), which is currently exploited by others for severe psychological and physical violence. This is the most important issue of our lifetime, we are at a civilizational crossroads.