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Immediately put in limited state by YouTube!

The video is still viewable, but you cannot save it, comment on it, and most importantly, share it. *But you can share this page you are reading now with the video embedded in it.*

It’s What They DON’T Want You To Do.

They don’t want self-aware, self-confident peoples of European descent getting together romantically, or forming communities, networks, and mini-economies. All discussed in this episode.

Go Sign Up for now, it’s still free as of early 2019.

Couples welcome too, there are community/mentor sections on the site.

Liv has a great vision and is also starting, a site that links up freelancers and those looking for other business opportunities.

Online since 2017 without incident, endorsed by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Millennial Woes, has been vouched for and shown to be safe as long as you’re smart. Tips for safety and privacy are included on the site.

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*New Vid Version Re-uploaded to No White Guilt’s YouTube, March 25, 2019. So far, comments can be made on this one:


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