Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

Direct YouTube Link Also available on BitChute   -Alternate Ways to Shop and vote with your wallet: The I Buy American website compiles American brands. There are other list sites like this out there…   — -The ad:   -JF has stats that refute the mainstream narrative about police singling out black people etc.:   — Article Version: The poisons, the untenable aspects, the imminent danger, of … Continue reading Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

Genes and Memes 2: Pussy Hat Music

(Direct YouTube Link)   A light-hearted look at just one aspect of the culture that, let’s just say, doesn’t resonate with me. I know there are contemporary genres and artists who strike a better balance to what I’m talking about here, but couldn’t cover the whole musical landscape in one short vid. -Commercials referenced: Subaru: https://youtu.be/St3dTT9ybBk McDonald’s: https://youtu.be/kZCbvpJ4O6c   -1791L’s video on rap mentioned: https://youtu.be/VC7ZqkV1_yw Continue reading Genes and Memes 2: Pussy Hat Music