TAP-TPS Crossover: No White Guilt and I Interview JF on His Own Show! | The Revolutionary Phenotype, Part 2

After JF did about an hour of taking audience questions on his show, The Public Space, Jason and I were brought on, entering at 1:08:18.

We had just wrapped up that evening’s episode of The After Party and joined JF to continue interviewing him about his book, The Revolutionary Phenotype.

JF had been our guest on TAP on January 18, 2019. We still had so many left over questions about his book, that we all decided to do something unprecedented:

Jason and I temporarily took over hosting responsibilities and interviewed JF on his own show!

Topics included:

-The beginnings of creation

-The possibility of evolutionary patterns on quantum and cosmic levels

-Human sex drive shriveling up if we pursue non-sexual means of reproduction

-Questions of will and choice from a biological perspective

-JF finally granting Jared’s request of again using his dramatic computer imagery and effects that change his voice… first premiered when Jared was on JF’s show, November 16, 2018

and more…


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Part 1 of Jason and I interviewing JF on his book, that time hosted on our own show, The After Party, can be seen here:


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