What, The Folk?! A Recap

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-Carolyn Emerick on the After Party Livestream with No White Guilt and I. 

We discuss how heritage and nationalism go hand-in-hand, and later take a deep dive into how one lives with a folk consciousness, a departure from modern literalism. 

Not what you might expect:

-I join Carolyn on her “Volklore” podcast to discuss the article I wrote entitled “Rock ‘n Roll & The European Soul” for her Europa Sun magazine, Issue 4. 

We discuss how distinct characteristics of the European people express even through pop culture, the same way the Yule spirit peeks through even the most commercialized aspects of the Christmas season. 

We mix a discussion of the European character of classic rock with personal accounts of identity:

-You can read Carolyn’s article “Nationalism and Folk Identity,” which formed the basis for her After Party appearance, and my article, “Rock ‘n Roll & The European Soul,” in Europa Sun magazine, Issue 4 (published April 2018):


I also have a poem in that issue, and another article in Carolyn’s other magazine, Mythic Dawn, Issue 1 (published March 2018).

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