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We welcomed our first-ever Eastern Orthodox guest for a deep dive

and to explore why the countries where that faith is prominent

are generally faring better, a subject worthy of all of our attention.


This was a different kind of episode of The After Party where we were

learning on air about a subject we know little about, the same as most of the listeners.

I had been a bit of a “method actor” for this one, researching and even practicing

this faith to some degree for six weeks in preparation.

My opening statement provides much detail and parameters

to help the listener glean the most from this episode without jumping to unnecessary conclusions

on what we know is a controversial topic in our spheres.


As we’ve had several folkish/pagan guests on TAP previously,

we wanted to hear more about Eastern Orthodoxy

as a means to present a rich and varied presentation

that could inspire further investigation for those who feel compelled,

and more clarity and understanding  for those who have negative associations with Christianity,

particularly through the lens of orthodoxy,

which has important distinctions from Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.


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~Time Stamps~

0:00 Thanks to Supporters and intro

13:50 What is Eastern Orthodoxy?

19:00 The wisdom of church fathers / how can a universalist religion preserve distinct peoples

28:00 Orthodoxy isn’t about guilt, it’s about restoring man

32:04 Orthodox Iconography and art/ Appealing to different White cultures

59:00 Alex offers to help those explore the topic further by direct emails with him

1:01:18 Whites in the bible

1:10:26 Paganism

1:21:30 What is best for helping our people, how does Christianity help us in the modern age?

1:36:00 Value of harmony as a concept

1:42:00 Financial gifts

1:48:40 Foreign God?

1:53:00 Jared’s new show and follow up to this one

1:57:45 Alex concludes: Eastern Europe’s better resistance to Anti Whiteism,  Alex’s links

2:03:15 Jason wraps up the show

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