LAST MESSAGE TO THE WEST Video Contest- Deadline Oct 15

Whether you plan on participating or not, please share this far and wide!

*YouTube deleted the dedicated channel where the entry vids were going to first Premiere, after only the first day of Premieres, on Oct 17.


What if you had one last video to convince people of the severity of what the West currently faces,

but that you knew would be played to millions around the world? 

The above 3 minute announcement video gives you the run down on this contest,

conceived of by Australia’s Lovely Porridge (here’s his new channel after YT deleted his original).

This is open to all content producers, big and small.


STEP 1. Create a 5 minute video as though it will be viewed by millions of everyday people

covering what you consider to be the most important message.


STEP 2. Upload it to your channel with #NCCC in the title on (or before) October 15, 2019.

Please leave a link in the description to the original promo video (above), mentioning that it is an entry to the competition.


Step 3. Your video will be mirrored on the dedicated channel for this contest, Kindred Creators.

Please inform an organizer so it can be mirrored.

Organizers: or


STEP 4. A poll will be created to vote for the video you think is most effective.

General audience and participants can vote. Participants cannot vote for their own video.

The winner will receive $400 USD. 2nd prize: $200 USD. 3rd prize: $100 USD

These amounts are current as of early September.


Must be approximately 5 minute length, have minimum to zero branding, be family friendly/safe for work, be mindful of copyright laws.

You will maintain all rights to your content, although we ask that you permit mirrors and edits of your video.

All entries must be approved by organizers. We maintain the right of refusal, or not actively promoting your video even if it is accepted into the contest (to prevent trolling, low effort and videos that do not fit the general purpose of the project).

No mention of European superiority compared to other peoples, or anything else that would outright go against YouTube’s terms and put us all at risk.

This is for outreach to a wider audience anyway. No mention of certain historical events. Be intelligent.

If you do not have video editing software you may submit a script which will be read by an organizer and uploaded as a video.

Submitting your video, and even the acceptance of that video into the contest,

in no way suggests the endorsement/sympathy of the contest organizers regarding your video or other public works or statements you have published.


Aim at being as normie-friendly as possible. No matter which vids are voted as most effective,

the wonderful by-product of this contest is that we will all have a library of powerful new videos to share with friends and family.

Aim at creating a sense of solidarity and community among pro-Whites.

Thus, whatever pro-White subculture you adhere to, be mindful of how the message comes out to a general audience.

Invoke a feeling of White/European/Western unity.

Invoke historic continuity.

Invoke historic necessity.

Invoke sense of loss.

Lead to something positive, inspiring, and pro-active.

Avoid overt blame games. Hints are okay.

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