Beautiful Things

Below you’ll find a growing collection of work from contemporary artists and figures of note–an antidote to the perception that everything current is ugly and meaningless.

They exhibit technique elsewhere on the wane and beauty–a value in and of itself, one due to make a comeback.

The following individuals are not associated with The Great Order project, I simply want to share the varying styles that may appeal to the varying tastes of visitors to my site.

-Jared George


Simon Kozhin

A Russian painter with an eye to tradition and a strong sense of light and shade.

The artist’s website


Simon Kozhin The Great Order

Title of the above: Ivan Kupala Fortunetelling for Wreaths



kozhin new albion the great order

Title of the above: New Albion



Kozhin Yule Divination the great order

Title of the above: Yule Divination


Victor Safonkin

Victor Safonkin describes his work as Eurosurrealism or European classic surrealism and symbolism. Salvador Dalí and Hieronymus Bosch are references. His pieces span from the strangely beautiful to the disturbing.

Artist’s Site









Victor Muller

Dutch painter whose work is crisp yet otherworldly.

Artist’s Website


Title of the above: Still Life with Poppy


Title of the above: Secret Garden


Title of above: Florentine Lady


Title of above: Thinking of a Grave


Oleg Korolev

Based in Eastern Europe, Korolev’s paintings reveal a sensitive religious vision.

The artist’s site


Title of above: Prodigal Son


Title of above: Contemplation



Title of above: Oprichnik


Title of the above: Michael


Wojciech Siudmak 

A Polish painter living in France who explores metaphysical themes is surrealistic scenes.

WikiArt SiteArtist’s Site in French



Title of the above: The Storm



Title of the Above: The Two Faces of the Soul



Title of the Above: Eternal Flame




Title of the Above: Equestrian Statue Puzzle



Vsevolod Ivanov

Contemporary Russian painter creating scenes of a lost Vedic Slavic past.

Not to be confused with the Soviet writer of the same name.

Web page about the artist.

vsevolod ivanov the great order


ivanov the-night-before-the-kupala-holiday the great order

Title of above: The Night Before the Kupala Holiday



Ivanov 2 The Great Order


Ancient Swedish Herding Call

by Jonna Jinton –a musician and photographer living the simple life in rural Sweden and writing about it.

(Direct YouTube Link)


Anker Eli Petersen

Anker Eli Petersen is a graphical artist from the Faroe Islands, famous for his stamps.

The artist’s Archived site

His stamps on Wikimedia


Title of the above: The Return of Nolsoyar



Title of the above: To The Faroes



Title of the above: Atlantis



Title of the above: Tor

Serge Marshennikov

Serge Marshennikov’s paintings feature lush and light female portraiture.

Artist’s Instagram


Title of the above: Girl Wearing Her Hair Up, 2020





Steven Lawler

British oil painter who displays a stunning facility with shadow and the complexities of human emotion.

Artist’s Website  | Artist’s Instagram


Title of the above: The First of the Few



Title of the above: Uncivil War



Title of the above: A Voice from the Past



Roger Dean

English artist, started his career making rock album art in the late 1960s.

Artist’s Website

roger dean the great order 1


roger dean blind owl the great order


Alexander Averin

Russian painter unscathed by the brutal ugliness and nihilism of postmodern trends in contemporary art.

Web page about the artist.


averin1 the great order

Title of the above: Rest on the Grass


Title of the above: Flowers for Mom


Brigid Marlin

American artist dealing largely in imaginative worlds and symbolism.

Artist’s Website | Archived Version of site


Title of the above: Sunday


Title of the above: Boy on Mountain


Title of the above: Green Bird


Title of the above: Rod



Alexander Uglanov

Another contemporary Russian painter depicting an ancient Vedic Slavic past.

The artist’s Facebook page

uglanov 2 the great order


Uglanov 3 the great order




A group that performs medieval European folk music. I saw them perform live and it was at once a fun and profound experience. Their recordings boast a high production value.

Wolgemut Website

-Their rendition of the Swedish folk song, Säckpipslåt, my favorite version of this song:

(Direct YouTube Link)


-As a Scottish kilt maker told my friend and me before seeing Wolgemut live, “they’re metal as hell!” You can work out to this track and many others:

(Direct YouTube Link)


Tobias Bratt

Tobias Bratt states that his art sympathizes with a longing for the deep untouched forests, rivers, fjords, lakes, heaths, mountains, and valleys.

The paintings reflect a dreamy immersion in moods and landscapes of the north.

The artist’s website


Title of the Above: Rackotzbrücke


Title of the above: Femininity


Title of the above: Purpose


Title of the above: Millhorse



Boris Olshanksy

Yet another contemporary Russian painter conjuring symbolic images of an ancient Vedic Slavic civilization.

A web page about the artist

This additional website is a resource for more information on ancient Slavic lore.


boris-olshansky-great-russia-2005 the great order



boris-olshansky-great-russia-2005 the great order



boris-olshansky-at-a-heavenly-meeting-the great order

Title of the above: At a Heavenly Meeting


Microtonal/Harmonic Series Guitar

The following two pieces of music performed on guitar give a possible glimpse into how music was heard in medieval Europe, prior to when equal temperament tuning became more widespread in the mid 18th century.

They utilize microtones–notes between the notes that our modern Western ears are used to hearing.

Thus, the pieces may sound strange and off-tune to many modern listeners. Microtones are used to this day in Eastern music scales  (i.e. on a sitar).

I find the two pieces below are more proper compositions as compared to many other contemporary microtonal works (which often stay stuck in the realm of experimental music) and hear an otherworldly beauty in these:

Dante Rosati:

(Direct YouTube Link)

Click here for more on the home-made guitars and methods from Dante Rosati, a guitar instructor at the Juilliard School in New York:



Matthew Grasso:

(Direct YouTube Link)




Vladimir Volegov

Russian painter often celebrating bright colors and the charms of the feminine.

The artist’s website |The artist’s Instagram


averin2 the great order

Title of the Above: Flowers Near the House



Title of the Above: Afternoon and Petunias


Anna Rose Bain

Artist from Colorado, USA.

The artist’s website



Title of the above: The Wait and the Reward


Bradley Vincent Barnett

A sculptor working in hanging wall pieces:

Flower of Life Cubic Bradley Vincent Barnett


Flower of Life Cubic Bradley Vincent Barnett

Flower of Life Cubic:-  Base ~ Black Granite Hexagon.  Detail ~ 22k Yellow-Gold Leaf, 13k White-Gold Leaf, with stain Lacquers



Memes of Truth





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