Behind John’s New Novel, Thorntree | Learning in Public 16

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A conversation based on the inspirations and creative process

behind John’s newly published novel, a modern retelling of the Faust legend.

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American “revolutionary spirit,” every generation of artists felt it had to upturn the last, couldn’t keep a tradition etc


what is the “dark,” demonic, gothic?


John’s creative process, drive for innovation while being a person who cautions against innovation


“transparent art?” Does there need to be mystery in art? Versus religious iconography?


the way someone has to engage with art, not just allowing it to just impress a view upon oneself


Loving the art and loving the artist, the interplay between the two, cult of personality. No formula to creating an artwork, it’s a holistic manifestation of who/what you are


Difference between artist and craftsman? The archetype of artist, what can’t be taught


The artist’s drive to create a fascimile of their internal world. Is the only way to classify art/artist as successful that they expressed what they wanted to?


What does innovation mean now? Is it possible?


Why John thought it is important to base a story on the Faust legend now



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