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This episode of TAP was a mixture of community spotlighting

and crowdsourcing ideas. Every so often we will have a community

check-in TAP where we speak with the livechat and do not have a guest–

however, this was a little different.


First, we did have guests join, four in fact.

They are not “content creators” or faces you may see on social media,

but they are vital members of our community doing great things.


Going forward, we will occasionally have TAP episodes that turns the spotlight around

to feature various proactive people who are working on projects,

initiatives, and helping others go free and embrace white wellbeing.


Ray (“Greymond”) is a longtime chat moderator for the No White Guilt video channels

who spoke frankly about how Going Free turned his anger into something

positive and in a touching moment, mentioned how that work and this community

saved his marriage with his wife Heidi, another beloved

member we have known here for some time now.


Roi Danton, another longtime moderator, spoke of coming to the USA from Germany

and at first finding groups who tout tired old tropes, encouraging their members to

“play the bad guy” before finding our community.


Brant Danger, yet another moderator, spoke about his ambitious

homeschooling project, School of the West.


Jerome V. shared his warmth as a man who is looking on a newer generation

with much hope, as he himself has jumped right into activity by

making clips and brainstorming about ways to reach the general public

who sense something is wrong and naturally want to protect their families from antiwhiteism.


Related to this, we also asked the chat about ideas for upcoming guests.

While we will continue the in-depth interviews with content creators and activists

that have come to define TAP, we are also seeking to expand our network and reach.


We are looking to speak with those in adjacent circles whose audiences

are looking for answers (who may generally call themselves MAGA, conservative, patriot,

groyper, truth seekers, alt news, etc.)

and even those with opposing views if a civil debate would be fruitful.


Jason and I will be assessing new potential guests in

an ongoing manner so please feel free to write your suggestions

under comments on social media.



School of the West

Jerome V.’s Channel

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