Architecture for Freedom or Slavery | Learning in Public 20

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About This Episode

John and I begin with considerations of when eternal orders of

beauty and balance need to be asserted and advocated for in society,

and when such notions may become unrealistic ways of merely

holding onto past forms, cutting us off from a vitality that is

only fully offered by living in the present moment

with its particular challenges and modes…



Approximate Time Stamps:



John’s visit to a castle. Landscapes and perceptions of time affecting us.



Did people who lived in the past not realize they were living amidst beauty?



John’s experience living in Florence, Italy,

feeling the weight of history around you



Architecture as key to harmonizing the global and local.



Holidays and cultural experiences can’t just be isolated events.

but rather integrated into the rhythm of our day-to-day lives.



Difference when buildings are something lived in, not museum pieces



John asks different ways we can see, understand, integrate or reject the past in the present.

Folding past present and future into each other.

Requires a different kind of consciousness.



John on perception (delusion?) of history as a process, evolution, progress.



The classical world’s orientation towards time?



Why do we not hear more about long-term future planning if

current zeitgeist thinks that the future is always better than the past?



American political DNA solely profit-driven and not concerned with the long-term?



The American West, then and now.

How much points to consciously building a  long-term culture

and how much is still in American style of transience?



Ethno-culture or lack thereof in newer American areas.




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