Euro Migrant Fact Sheet

This is a story told through sources.

Most sources cited as you scroll below come from mainstream, politically center or left-leaning outlets.

Other sources are eyewitness testimony, often videos.

This sheet by and large does not deal with the terror attacks in Europe.

Rather, it generally focuses on more day-to-day and harder-to-find stories and perspectives. You will find perspectives supporting the aid of refugees below, and how that fits into the much bigger picture.

This sheet serves as a one-stop resource for those wishing to compile supporting evidence for situations they may have casually heard/read about, or as an easy place to refer friends and family to.

This sheet also provides an introduction for those less familiar with the European migrant situation, or those ambivalent about it.

Any text below in red is a link to a source.

Where available, archived links to sources are also provided. Archived web pages maintain a permanent record of articles that have been published on the web, even if they are later taken down.

This page is not intended to be a running tally/news item. These trends will likely be continuing, at least for the near future.

What you’ll find below also of course represents just a fraction of what’s out there.

*Since this page was posted, several videos linked to below were taken off of YouTube. You decide why that might be significant.

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1. It’s Much Better To Help The Actual Refugees Closer To Home


A. Center for Immigration Studies: For the innocent people who really are fleeing war-torn areas, it costs 10-12 times LESS to help them if they remain in neighboring Middle Eastern countries.

(Archived Link)

There are also considerations that are harder to measure, like the ease of being in a country with similar culture/language/climate.

Choice quote from report linked to above, using USA as example:

…our best estimate is that in their first five years in the United States each refugee from the Middle East costs taxpayers $64,370 — 12 times what the UN estimates it costs to care for one refugee in neighboring Middle Eastern countries.”


B. UK’s Independent: Refugees Cost 10x More to Care for in Europe than in Neighboring Mid-East Countries

(Archived Link)



For more info on the role of neighboring Gulf States in the Middle East taking refugees, please see the Appendix below.



2. There’s A Lot More Going On Here Than Meets The Eye


A. Many so-called asylum seekers in Europe are not from war-torn Syria. 60% of refugees are economic migrants says Dutch EU commissioner.

(Archived Link)


B. The Washington Post: European countries cannot tell who is actually from Syria. Booming Black Market for Fake Syrian Passports.

Choice quote from article linked to above:

It is common knowledge on the migratory route that some who are not from Syria shred their real passports in Turkey and simply fake it.


A couple of reporters, one a native Arabic speaker, who wandered through train stations in Vienna found plenty of newcomers whose accents did not match their stories and whose stories did not make sense.”


C. UK’s The Telegraph: Migrants target landing in European countries that offer strong welfare systems

(Archived Link)

Choice quotes from article linked to above:

Despite being the destination of many vessels in the Mediterranean migrant crisis, Greece saw relatively few asylum applications, with many choosing to travel further on in Europe.


Germany is processing the most applications, with 49 per cent of the European total…Sweden is dealing with the next largest amount.”

(Germany and Sweden are two of the European countries with the biggest social welfare programs besides France).

war to welfare euro migrant crisis the great order



-This Al Jazeera article discusses distinctions being made in Europe between refugees and economic migrants.

(Archived Link)


D. TIME magazine admits that migrants to Europe have largely been men…a fact that some some outlets try to dismiss as scare tactics and propaganda.

(Archived Link)

…and this conclusion comes from using official documentation, so it’s difficult to say what the numbers truly are.

Choice quote from the article linked to above:

…many of the refugees seeking asylum in Europe are indeed young men. But as TIME‘s Karl Vick wrote in September, many of the men are fleeing the same enemy nations across the world find themselves up against.”



One must remember that in Europe, many news outlets and public data collection agencies do not report ethnicity in criminal cases.

(Archived Link)

E. Here is a UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) data graph from September 8, 2015–when the situation was ramping up–also reporting a large majority of male migrants:


F. Video: Women in Syria talking about their men leaving the country in a time of need:

(Direct YouTube link)



F. Reuters: Terrorist Trojan Horse in Europe

Reuters is not exactly a conspiracy monger. It reports that a German spy agency says ISIS is sending fighters into Europe disguised as refugees.

(Archived Link)


G. Bloomberg: If migrants are a net positive, why is Turkey using the migrants being held in their country as leverage–threatening to release them into Europe unless Turkey can join the EU?

*The link above is an archived page already, as the original article is now behind a subscription wall, only available to Bloomberg site members.


H. The New York Times: Turkish President Erdogan urges Turks to have more children in Europe.

(Archived Link)

*The original source story I’d found was in the the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News, and even had an archived link, but now that story has vanished.

Choice quote from article linked to above:

Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you.”


I. Reuters: Turkish President Erodgan warns “Europeans will not walk safely” if Turkish politicians continue to be blocked from addressing Turkish political rallies that take place inside of European countries.

(Archived Link)



3. Yes, Europeans Are Actually Under Threat

Beyond the terrorist attacks you’ve seen on the news–below are stories and testimonies you’re much less likely to hear anything about in mainstream media:

A. Europeans were overwhelmingly against mass immigration when polled in 2011.

(Archived Link)

Remember as you continue through this page that no European citizens actually voted for this migrant policy.



B. Video: 16 year old German girl describes what she’s seeing:

(A couple of versions of this video have been taken down from YouTube, so here it is on BitChute)

(Direct BitChute link)




C. Video: 75 year old German woman describes daily harassment:

Has street “debate” with Muslim youth in this video:

(Direct YouTube Link)


D. Video Report: Swedish rape crime increasing, Muslim no-go zones, government handouts:

(Direct YouTube Link)


E. Video: Referenced in the video above, this is the Australian 60 Minutes crew that was attacked while filming in a “no-go zone” in Sweden:

Some say these “no go zones” do not exist and are a fear-mongering conspiracy.

At the 5:13 mark you can see what happens after the production crew’s police escort leaves:

(Direct YouTube Link)


F. German Version of The Local newspaper: Town bans male migrants from public pools. Has to issue instructions on not physically harassing women (in English.)

(Archived Link)

G. The Washington Post: Asylum Volunteer Worker in Sweden Stabbed to Death


H. BBC: New Year’s Eve 2015 Attacks in Cologne, Germany

(Archived Link)


I. Video: Eyewitness to New Year’s Eve Sexual Assaults in Cologne Germany, New Year’s Eve 2015:

(Direct YouTube Link)

J. Video: Eyewitness 2 to New Year’s Eve Sexual Assaults in Cologne Germany, New Year’s Eve 2015:

(Direct YouTube Link)


K. Video: Swedish journalist, Ingrid Calrqvist,  gives speech stating that she now does not recognize the country she grew up in:

(Direct YouTube Link)



L. Gizmodo: 5 European nations building physical borders

(Archived Link)

Choice quote from article linked to above:

We’re watching Europe change before our eyes in ways that we haven’t seen since the end of the Cold War.”

Also, unintentionally, the pictures in the Gizmodo article from Turkey and Hungary clearly show a majority of men.


M. Times of London: Number of recent refugees entering Germany had hit 1 million by end of 2015.

– 300,000 a year to Britain would “not be sustainable” said then-prime minister David Cameron. Britain has roughly 64 million inhabitants, Germany 80 million. (Source, Archived Link)

And again, the picture in the Times of London article linked to above inadvertently demonstrates a majority of men in the migrant pictures.


N. Video: German TV News Interview: Munich police chief overwhelmed.

“Hell at refugee centers.”

* You must click on the link above to view this video, the user who posted it has disabled the embedding feature.


4. Even If Migration Stopped Tomorrow, Massive Cultural Shifts Are Already Under Way


A. Report: Separate enclaves have formed in European cities, with no indication of assimilation.

(Archived Link)

Choice quote from report linked to above:

In October 2011, a 2,200-page report, “Banlieue de la République” (Suburbs of the Republic) found that Seine-Saint-Denis and other Parisian suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies” cut off from the French state and where Islamic Sharia law is rapidly displacing French civil law.


B. Video: “Disgusting, pork eating outsiders nobody would miss”–opinions of “integrated” young migrants on native Germans:

No one is saying this is representative of every Muslim in Europe–but the comments in the video below are also not something to be swept aside, and also must also be understood in the context of everything else on this page.

(Direct BitChute Link)


Thoughts on the above:

To American readers who would object, this is not the same as the migration of Europeans to the United States in the late 19th/early 20th century. 

The US had no government welfare system at that time, so immigrants were much more incentivized to assimilate.

They were also of course coming mostly from sub-groups of Western, European civilization that were much more similar in values and outlook to the Anglo society that had founded the American nation; its laws, structures, customs, underlying philosophy.

There was much more land available to work and own in the US in the late 1800s (hence The Homestead Acts).

And even given all of that, we rarely hear of the fact that still, one third of European immigrants in the Ellis Island era decided to leave the USA and return to their homelands in Europe.

(Sources here, and here. Archived Source Links: 1, 2)


P.S. America’s Naturalization Acts, beginning in 1790, became increasingly stricter before loosening again in the late 1800s to make way for the Ellis Island era.

Then the Immigration Act of 1924 essentially shut the borders.

This act allowed limited numbers of immigrants from Europe to enter the US per year. The act set a  quota for immigration visas to be issued each year to new applicants. Visas issued in a given year could not exceed two percent of the total number of people from each nationality who were citizens of the US as of the 1890 US census.

That meant that if there were 100,000 US citizens who originally came from Italy counted in the 1890 US census, only 2,000 Italian nationals could apply to become US citizens yearly from 1924 onward.  Clearly, the 1924 act was passed as a measure to maintain the demography of the US.

In 1924, freshman member of the House of Representatives, Emanuel Celler, was the most vigorous opponent of that Immigration Act.

He made it his mission to repeal the 1924 Act, which four decades later resulted in the Immigration Act of 1965 (Hart-Celler Act).

America has a history of alternately opening and shutting its borders.  (Archived Link)


C. Video: Police in England chased out of a Muslim-controlled “no-go zone” (some say these “no-go zones” don’t exist):

(Direct YouTube Link)

D. BBC: The Rotherham, England sex grooming scandal and coverup…

…fears of being labeled “racist” lead to no action, decades of abuse.

1,400 children were exploited, report finds.

(Archived Link)


If you would like more information on Rotherham, please see the Appendix below.



5. Criticism And Questions About the Migrants, As Well As Non-Western Cultures Setting Up Enclaves In Europe, Is Being Censored, Repressed, And Punished


A. Video: An African-American woman who lived in Germany speaks about German censorship of citizens who question or criticize the migrant crisis:

Hi-lights of the video below:

-Social media is being blocked, citizens being reported to German government.

-Anti-hate speech laws do not apply to the refugees though.

-Anonymous reporting on fellow citizens reminiscent of communist Stasi police in former communist East Germany.

(Direct YouTube Link)


B. Reuters: Facebook begins Europe-wide campaign against extremist posts

Any criticisms of migrant crisis broadly labeled as “hate speech, xenophobic, racist.”


C. Video: Walter Lubcke, district president of the city of Kassel in Germany, states that Germans who oppose the migrants are “free to leave:”

Viewing this video in select browsers will translate comments.

Nonetheless, even non-German speakers can hear the crowd’s disapproval after he utters his “free to leave” comment starting at the 44 second mark.

(Direct YouTube Link)


D. Video: BBC presenter Stephen Nolan is confronted by several callers for shutting down their legitimate questions and concerns over mass third world migration.

The presenter invokes appeals to emotions: “what about these poor children?!”

Does anyone ever ask what what impact this has on European children?

The tone of BBC presenter Nolan in the recording represents the “soft censorship” of shaming people for even questioning the migrant crisis:

(Direct YouTube Link)


E. ABC News: Germany passes law for online hate speech. Can fine social media companies $50 million for failing to remove what they deem “fake news” within one week.

…human rights experts and the companies affected warn that this law risks privatizing the process of censorship and could have a chilling effect on free speech.

*Even though this is a relatively recent story, the original direct link now simply takes you to the ABC News homepage. Hence, the archived link is used in the title above so that you can read the story as it first appeared.


F. NY Times: Germany Raids Homes of 36 People Accused of Hateful Postings Over Social Media

(Archived Link)


G. However…Palestinian organization that praised terrorism had their page re-instated by Facebook.

(Archived Link)

*Links to this page keep being lost/compromised, even the archived links, so I have also taken screenshots of the entire page, originally published March 2, 2017, which you can view below:




The Verge: Facebook Will Work With Germany to Combat Anti-Refugee Hate Speech

(Archived Link)



6. Many Of Europe’s “Leaders” Put Their Citizens Second


A. German Newspaper, Welt: Woman, Gabriele Keller, evicted from her home to make way for refugees.

(Archived Link)

She was given an apartment across from her house, which she was forced to vacate.

Select browsers can translate the entire article.

-Translation from the paragraph under the picture:

I would not feel like it’s my house.” In the new apartment she would have to look at the old one every day. “It does not work, it breaks my heart.”

Original German:

“Ich würde gefühlsmäßig nicht über meine Wohnung hinwegkommen.” In der neuen Wohnung hätte sie täglich auf die alte blicken müssen. “Das geht nicht, das bricht mir das Herz.”


B. Video: The reverse of the above in Italy–Italian homeless get nothing while refugees get free housing:

(Direct YouTube Link)


C. Video: Italian hotel owner has his property confiscated by force against his strong protests, told he’ll have to pay for damages if he doesn’t unlock rooms.

P.S. At least when you look at the migrants they to bring into his hotel, you can see they’re helping women and children from Syria:

(Direct YouTube Link)


D. CBS News: Roman leaders covered classical nude statues when Iranian president visited in 2016


E. UK’s The Guardian: After the sexual assault attacks in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve 2015, the mayor, Henriette Reker, felt it appropriate to give this limp advice to the women of her city: just keep the migrant men “at an arm’s length.”

(Archived Link)


F. German version of The Local newspaper: School hosting refugees bans its native German students from wearing revealing clothing (in English).

(Archived Link)

Extra. Video: Left-wing anarchists of the “Black Bloc” in Hamburg, Germany throwing bottles and explosives at police during July 2017 G20 Summit:

-Conservative journalists have expressed that if they were to live in a city like Hamburg where the Black Bloc has a lot of influence, they’d fear for their lives daily.

The Black Bloc is not debating how they have a better view of society to offer; they’re seemingly just interested in an excuse for violence and degeneracy:

(Direct YouTube Link)



7. No Really, Europeans Are Under Threat


A. Video: German women worry as Muslims march through streets, question where this is all heading:

(Direct YouTube Link)


B. Video: Mass media refuses to show this kind of footage from Europe:

Why is the mass media only selecting and showing certain kinds of footage and not others?

(Direct YouTube Link)



C. Video: Dutch Camera Crew Attacked:

(Direct YouTube Link)



D. Female Islamic professor from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious university, states: Allah allows Muslims to rape non-Muslim prisoners of war, slaves, in order to humiliate them (includes video).

(Archived Link)


E. Russia’s REN TV: Cologne, Germany Imam says girls were raped, assaulted on New Year’s Eve 2015 for being half-naked and wearing perfume.

(Archived Link)

-Select browsers can translate the entire article.

Translation of third paragraph:

In an exclusive interview with reporters REN TV a local imam said in one of his sermons. “We need to react properly, not to add fuel to the fire, seek solutions, and if someone attacks the other, insults them, it may be a dangerous situation…

One of the reasons (why migrants raped girls) –is what they were wearing themselves. If women are half naked, use perfume, then such things happen, and man, woman … It’s like a splash of oil into the fire…”- told to our correspondents by Sami Abu-Yusuf , imam of the mosque Al-Tawhid in Cologne, Germany.”

Original Russian:

В эксклюзивном интервью журналистам РЕН ТВ местный имам пересказал одну из своих проповедей. “Нам надо реагировать правильно, не подливать масла в огонь. Говорить, искать решения. А если кто-то нападает на других, оскорбляет их, может возникнуть опасная ситуация. Одна из причин (почему мигранты насиловали девушек) – то, как были одеты сами женщины. Если они ходят полуголыми, используют парфюмерию, тогда такие вещи и происходят. Мужчина, женщина… Это как плеснуть масла в огонь…”, – заявил нашим корреспондентам имам мечети “Ат-Таухид” в Кёльне Сами абу-Юсуф.


8. No, Really, European Politicians Are Failing The People They Represent


A. French President Emmanuel Macron stated that “terrorism will be part of our daily lives,” while on a radio interview during his 2017 campaign.


B. There was a story and surrounding controversy that London Mayor (first Muslim mayor of a major Western city), Sadiq Khan, stated that terrorism is “part and parcel” of living in a major global city, following a bomb scare in New York.

-In fairness to Mr. Khan, he did not phrase it this way.

Here is a 1 minute video of his statement

(Archived Link)

What he did say is that being prepared for such incidents is part of life in a major global city, and then quickly went on to praise the police.

While this is not as biting as what some claimed he had said, let us still ponder: why aren’t political leaders saying things like “this must stop immediately, once and for all.”

All politics aside, the most basic function of a government is to serve and protect the people.

Secondly: New York and London were “major global cities” during the 1950s and terrorist attacks were not happening then. Why?

Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong are “major global cities” right now and yet do not face regular terrorist attacks. To say nothing of Moscow, Warsaw, Prague…why?



9. Addressing Attempts To Shut Down Questions/Concerns About The European Migrant Crisis


A. “New migrants from outside of Europe will help pay for an aging European population.”

Any Google search of

why migrants are good for Europe.”


advantages of accepting refugees.”

always and only focuses on economics.

As if cultures and people are nothing more than producers and consumers (hello, globalism).

Even so:


A1: German Report from 10th of October 2015

(Archived Link)

This report is written in German.

In the circular graphs on bottom left corner of page 3 (seite 3) it states in red:

German: “Prognose qualifikation von arbeitlosen Flüchtligen:  81% ohne formale qualifikation”

Which translates to:

Prognosis: qualification of unemployed refugees: 81% without formal qualification.”


A2. Dutch Newspaper, NRC: Report shows many migrants who came during the 1990s are still unemployed/on welfare

(Archived Link)

Translation from Dutch of the headline from article linked to above:

High unemployment among recognized refugees. The unemployment rate among the ’90’s asylum seekers remains high. A report makes new recommendations.”

Second sentence of the article linked to above:

Of the asylum seekers who arrived in the Netherlands from 1995 to 1999, only 35 percent have a job of more than 30 hours (per week).”

Original Dutch:

Van de asielzoekers die van 1995 tot 1999 in Nederland zijn aangekomen, heeft slechts 35 procent een baan van meer dan 30 uur.


A3. Comments on why this migration is not good for the European economy


A4. Brain Drain:

Even considering migrants that are high functioning individuals, permanently keeping them out of their home countries will cause “brain drain” to their home countries.

This creates an ever-decreasing state of affairs in those home countries.

It is not good or right for these nations to drain them of all of their high-level professionals.

A5. Population Control Double Standard

The West was told to stop having children, all the while population explosions continue in the Third World.

(Archived Link)


A.6 Southern European countries have experienced unemployment and economic difficulties in recent years. Why not help them help Northern Europe’s labor shortages?

(Archived Link)

If they need to prop up their labor force, why haven’t Northern European countries simply taken guest workers from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy?

Choice quote from first section, “Main Statistical Findings:”

In June 2017, the lowest (unemployment) rate was observed in Germany (6.7 %), while the highest were recorded in Greece (45.5 % in April 2017), Spain (39.2 %) and Italy (35.4 %).”


A7. Video: Chief of German Police Union, Rainer Wendt (also featured in the video linked to above on this page in Section 3N), discusses how integration has not happened in Germany over the last 30 years:

“Parallel societies, high crime…”

(Direct YouTube Link)


B. “This is justified because of European colonialism.”

Mainstream academia and media selectively edit history to craft “narratives,” emphasizing certain events while remaining silent on others, in an attempt to create lop-sided world views in people.


B1. On the Arab slave trade:

10 Facts About the Arab Enslavement of Black People Not Taught in Schools
(Archived Link)


The Arab Slave Trade Wiki
(Archived Link)


-Barbary Coast Slave Trade

Choice quote from Barbary link above:

Davis estimates that 1 million to 1.25 million white Christian Europeans were enslaved in North Africa, from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 18th.”


B2. On Islamic colonialism:

Europeans As Victims of Colonialism

Choice quote from article linked to above:

Where the French presence lasted fewer than four years before they were ignominiously expelled by the British and Turks, the Ottomans had been the masters of Egypt since 1517, a total of 280 years.

Even if we count the later British and French protectorates, Egypt was under Western control for sixty-seven years, Syria for twenty-one years, and Iraq for only fifteen — and, of course, Saudi Arabia was never under Western control.

Contrast this with southern Spain, which was under the Muslim yoke for 781 years, Greece for 381 years, and the splendid new Christian capital that eclipsed Rome — Byzantium (modern day Istanbul) — which is still in Muslim hands. But no Spanish or Greek politics of victimhood apparently exist.

(Above quote from the book Defeating Eurabia by Fjordman)


The Early Muslim Conquests Wiki
(Archived Link)

B3. If European/Western culture is so bad…

-European cultures were the first in modern times to argue against and end  slavery on moral grounds

(Archived Link)

-The British Royal Navy interrupted the slave trade and freed slaves

-Britain used its influence to also convince Sweden, France, The Netherlands, and Spain to stop participating in the slave trade, prior to abolition in the US.

-European-based cultures have the least amount of slavery in the world today:


Data Source: Walk Free Global Slavery Index



B4. Video: Europe is now being sold on this Americanized false notion that they are nations of immigrants.

Example of UK:

(Direct YouTube Link)


Further Considerations:

-Much of modern day Turkey was Anatolian Greek on the coasts until recently.

-Muslim Turks wiped out Greeks and Armenians (Armenia being the first officially Christian country).

-The Armenian genocide is still still not recognized to this day.

Supporting Links:

List of Massacres in Turkey
(Archived Link)

Greek Genocide Wiki

The Pappas Post: The Greeks of Turkey: Is It Too Late?
(Archived Link)


C. “The West deserves this for invading Middle Eastern countries.”

…by the way isn’t that statement itself an implicit admission that the migrants are a net negative for European civilization?

The video below is a moral and ethical response to this idea.

Hi-lights from the video below:

-Europeans protested Iraq invasions more than any other protest in history.

-Universal moral arguments must of course be applied universally–are you therefore willing to punish all groups collectively for the sins of their leaders?

-Politics in a democratic system often involves the voting public not quite knowing what they are going to get.

-Other Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar supplied money and arms to Syria and made foreign policy decisions that affected the war–but no one morally demands they take in more refugees than they want.

-Western bombs and drones were a small part of the war, most of what Western weapons took out were ISIS targets (as of September 2015 when this video was made–the migrants were already on the move to Europe at that point.)

-Native European children will have educational resources diverted from them as more foreign migrants enter.

(Direct YouTube Link)


D. “This is somehow justified because of The Crusades.”

Again…in the liberal West don’t we believe that people shouldn’t be collectively punished/judged? Especially for something that happened centuries ago.

Hi-lights from video below:

-Islam tried to take over Europe many, many more times than Europeans entered the Middle East on the Crusades.

-Over 1 million people were taken out of Europe and used as slaves in the Islamic world during the medieval era (wait, has Hollywood ever made a movie about that?…)

-PS the term the presenter uses, Kafir, means “unbeliever” in Arabic.

(Direct YouTube Link)



More sources on The Crusades


E. “There are Christian Terrorists, Too.”

The video below exposes the error of conflating terror committed with Islamic culture and ideas behind it vs. a case like Timothy McVeigh bombing a federal building in US. in the 1990s.

McVeigh happened to be raised Christian and was a self-proclaimed agnostic at the time of his attack, a fact rarely, if ever, mentioned by mainstream news outlets.

When citizens of Christian countries commit acts of terror, and happen to be nominally Christian, and often commit those acts out of political grievances, that is not the same as the systemized and consistent attacks against other cultures that we see coming from the extreme elements of Islam:

(Direct YouTube Link)


F. “The current number of migrants entering Europe from Asia and Africa is now lower than at was at some point in the recent past.”

At whatever time you’re reading this page, someone may be touting out data seeking to demonstrate the above statement.

Somehow that’s supposed to make any further questions raised seem alarmist and xenophobic.

Such a claim is irrelevant.

All of the material on this page demonstrates that even if Europe somehow froze all immigration starting today, critical issues remain.

These issues have already accrued due to what’s transpired during the last couple of decades, and specifically since the mass movements of people began in 2015.


Supplemental Information To Ponder:


A. Syria had no debt and was not controlled by world banking

(Archived Link)


B. Syria had banned GMOs, Monsanto seeds

(Archived Link)


C. European governments are using the immigration crisis to expand power–British Prime Minister Theresa May is increasing internet restrictions…

(Archived Link).

…and The West is in tremendous debt that’s been building over the last decade…

(Archived Link)

…war can help with that.

Also there’s those oil pipelines that run through Syria.

(Archived Link)



D. The U.N. Is Not A Friend of the European People


D1. Internal U.N. Document Discusses Replacement Migration in Europe Due To Its Declining Populations

(Archived Link)

Sure, the above may be seen as “just a statistical report.”

It begs to be put into context with everything else on this page, however–especially in light of the fact that Western nations were warned about the environmental effects of overpopulation for the last several decades, but now are being told they don’t have enough people.


D2. “Europe Must Undermine its own Homogeneity” said Peter Sutherland, UN Special Representative for International Migration, in 2012

(Archived Link)

Peter Sutherland is also former Chairman of Goldman Sachs and former Director-General of the World Trade Organization.


D3. Peter Sutherland compilation video, stating that Europe must change its populations:

Sutherland says “nations are evil.”

He says “nations mean ‘we’re better than you’.”

Says he supports a grand project of a federalist world governing body.

(Direct YouTube Link)


Some thoughts on Sutherland’s assertions:

Humans need levels of sovereignty, nested layers that they experience, participate in, and that provide nourishment for them.

These levels of experience, understanding,  and identity range from a person’s own experience as an individual, and then ripple outward to the ways they engage with family, community, region, nation, groups of nations, and the world/humankind at large. (This is developed more in my Foundational Articles on this website).

All levels have a place in our lives, but the further out it gets from the individual level, the less control/say another entity can have if we truly want sovereignty and freedom.

An intercontinental or global governing body cannot know what’s best for a small region, just like a nation’s federal government can’t monitor and make decisions for you as an individual moment by moment as you live your life.

By invoking a morality that says nations cause evil because of past conflicts, Sutherland either blindly or willfully supports an anti-life, anti-human agenda.

I understand that in modern memory, the pile-on of nation against nation during the two world wars invokes a mistrust of national sentiment.

But much of the brewing tensions that lead to WWI were because of nations (in the original sense of the term) of ethnic groups artificially contained within empires who began to assert their identities. “Nation” of course derives from the Latin word “natio,” meaning “birth” (think “natal” as another English derivative).

Nations are not just lines on a map. Borders indeed morph sometimes, but often align with geographical borders (rivers/mountains.) Most importantly, the nation holds, expresses, and in a deeper sense is the particular aims and lifestyle of a particular people.

While it may sound on the surface level like a nice way to bring about a more peaceful and less bigoted world, Sutherland’s assertion to make nations *actually* nothing more than pieces of land/markets, absorbing them into supranational bureaucratic governing bodies, cuts off a link in the chain of human life.

It’s like saying people shouldn’t have families because sometimes families compete and have conflicts with other families, or that no one should own their own house and land because sometimes people get into property disputes with one another.

This may sound silly at first, but such is the foundational philosophy behind this kind of artificial posturing for a utopia.

The second, equally important, and intimately related, reason is that larger governing bodies put power in the hands of fewer and fewer people, which never ends well.


D4. António Gutteres is the new Secretary General of the UN as of January 1, 2017

French Magazine La Croix: Guterres Says Immigration is Inevitable

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Translation of French headline (quoting Guterres):

Migration is inevitable and will not stop.”


Guess new U.N. chief Guterres has his mind made up…

Prior to his new role as secretary general of UN, Guterres was the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for 10 years.

Prior to that, he was Prime Minister of Portugal.

Before that, Guterres was the president of Socialist International for almost six years and Secretary General of the Socialist Party for 10 years in Portugal.


E. Video: Hungarian Intelligence Chief Discusses Role of Banks Weakening European Nations

-In the first minute they discuss the case of $500,000 (USD) worth of SIM cards– the chips that allow mobile phones to communicate with cell towers–being purchased under mysterious circumstances. The intelligence chief questions whether this was for refugees.

-Then launches into thoughts on the dark money behind the migrations into Europe, how international banking interests want to weaken sovereign European nations. It’s easier for the banks if Europe is a borderless economic zone.

-Loans that European governments will have to take out to pay for the migrants will further shackle them to the banks. The banks, however, did not count on how effective ISIS and modern Islamic terror would be, they were supposed to just be pawns at first.

-In Serbia, military age migrant men, mostly Afghan, marched on the Hungarian border to demand entry.

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F. Pew Research on Islam in Europe: Muslim Population Growing Steadily, Younger Than Native European Populations

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G. BBC News in 2010: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said “multiculturalism has failed.”

Wonder what made her change her tune?

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APPENDIX 1: Anatomy Of A Mainstream Magazine Article: National Geographic October 2016 Issue On The European Migrant Crisis

This is the lead story of the  issue that boasted this famous, provocative cover:


National Geographic The New Europeans The Great Order


Pictures of international versions of this National Geographic issue’s cover:

The article does attempt some token balance at times, but mainly hi-lights the violence of opposition to migration, with no hint of what all the sources above on this sheet demonstrate.

There’s no mention of migrant violence and a glossing over of the refusal to assimilate.

The article says that Britain didn’t take many migrants pre-Brexit, but doesn’t mention issues with these populations already living in the UK (see Rotherham Appendix below).

The article discusses permanent housing in Europe for the migrants.

It talks about how many migrants may contribute to European economies to pay for elderly pensions. This is not likely in large numbers given everything shown above, specifically demonstrated in section 9A of this page.

There’s no talk of of them going back to the Mid East–the whole point of a refugee is that they seek temporary asylum until danger passes.

However–Ukrainian refugees were given cooler treatment in Germany.

This National Geographic article does mention Turks still not assimilating to Germany in a soft way at end. But the overall fluffy tone of the article indicates an attitude of “this time, we’ll get it right.”


Without immigration population would be shrinking.”

No one in mainstream media outlets asks why native European populations are shrinking, or what could be done about it. No one asks what the migrant influx will change. That’s globalism–it assumes that people are interchangeable units.


No one mentions that the West was told a few decades ago to have less children because “overpopulation is bad, the environment, etc.”

More Choice Quotes:

Björn Höcke of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) a populist party…Immigration, he thinks, has undermined the “community of trust” that once existed in Germany. Some equate him to Nazis.”

A large majority of Germans accept immigration and Islam intellectually, said political scientist Naika Foroutan of the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research—but emotionally, not so many.”

The European Union is in a very, very fragile state,” Michael Roth, Germany’s state minister for Europe, told me in April. “I hope people are aware of that.”

German conservatives, however, aren’t the only ones resisting that vision; many Muslim immigrants aren’t exactly open and modern either. Some 30 percent of them, according to a 2013 survey, are fundamentalists: They believe that Islam should return to its seventh-century roots and that its laws take precedence over secular ones.”

Small towns are dying out across Europe. Some Italian towns are trying to reverse the trend by bringing in refugees to repopulate and help rebuild their communities.”

Again–this is a symptom, what is the cause?



Appendix 2: The Question Of Neighboring Middle Eastern Gulf States Taking In Refugees


A. In fairness, the record must be set straight:

Many critics of the refugee situation in Europe point out that no Syrian refugees have found asylum in neighboring wealthy Gulf States.

Such reporting deceptively takes advantage of a technicality, however, because these Gulf states do not classify the Syrians as refugees but rather “Arab brothers and sisters in distress,” whose rights and benefits in these countries extend beyond “refugee” status.

-Also, United Arab Emirates has given hundreds of millions in aid. (Archived Link)


B. Perhaps more can be done though:

The Saudi Arabian tent city meant for religious pilgrims, Mina, can “house up to three million people,” and is empty for “50 weeks of the year,” yet houses no Syrian refugees. (Archived Link)


Saudi Arabian Tent City Wikipedia Link (Archived Link)



This article discusses both sides of tent city question

(Archived Link)

The article linked to above quotes an op-ed from the newspaper Al Arabiya stating:

Syrians don’t want to go to Saudi Arabia as refugees. Saudi Arabia or other Gulf countries’ building of refugee camps is of no use because Syrians have had enough of living in camps and they want to have a proper life.

And as long as we don’t give them their country back, they will continue to travel in search of a country where they can build a future, and Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries cannot provide them with this option.”


That quote should be kept in mind when reading the above sections on this page, however, because there is a push in Europe for permanent resettlement.


Appendix 3: More On The Rotherham, England, Child Sex Grooming Scandal


A. Wikipedia: Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Scandal

(Archived Link)

Choice quotes from the Wikipedia entry linked to above:

The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal has been described as the “biggest child protection scandal in UK history.”

From the late 1980s until the 2010s, organised child sexual abuse continued almost unchallenged in the northern English town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire.”

The failure to address the abuse was attributed to a combination of factors revolving around race, class and gender.”

They included contemptuous and sexist attitudes toward the mostly working-class victims; fear that drawing attention to the perpetrators’ ethnicity would damage community relations and lead to allegations of racism, combined with the Labour council’s desire to accommodate a Labour-voting community; failure to embrace a child-centred focus; a desire to protect the town’s reputation; and lack of training and resources.”

The newspaper cited a 2010 report by the police intelligence bureau that said, locally and nationally, and particularly in Sheffield and Rotherham, “there appears to be a significant problem with networks of Asian males exploiting young white females…

…A document from Rotherham’s Safeguarding Children Board reporting that the crimes had cultural characteristics…which are locally sensitive in terms of diversity…There are sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships. Great care will be taken in drafting this report to ensure that its findings embrace Rotherham’s qualities of diversity. It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided.”


B. NY Times Piece on Rotherham

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Choice quotes from NY Times article linked to above:

Nobody can pretend they didn’t know,’ Ms. Jay said in an interview.”


-The article is quick to point out that:

Sexual abuse of children takes many forms, and the majority of convicted abusers in Britain are white.”

In the comments, “Sandro” states:

Really. In an article about how a bunch of Pakistani sexual abusers weren’t even *prosecuted*, let alone *convicted.* Amazingly enough, when the conviction rates are skewed… the conviction rates end up lopsided. How strange.”


The Rotherham example is not invoked here to argue that only Muslim populations engage in sexual abuse, or that a majority of Muslims do, obviously.

It’s mainly to demonstrate that the natural protective instincts of a native people have been lobotomized and rendered impotent by mass cultural conditioning.

Such conditioning makes them more afraid of being labeled a racist or xenophobe than addressing a horror occurring right under their noses.



Appendix 4: Hollywood/Mainstream Pop “Culture” Is All About Letting The Migrants Into Europe


A. Hollywood Reporter: American pop music producer/artist Pharrell chants “let them in” during performance at 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards.

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B. Herald Sun: Petitions for J.K. Rowling to put her money where her mouth is and house refugees in her 18 bedrooms.

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C. The Guardian: George Clooney meets with Angela Merkel to push support for refugees…

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D. Milano: …But then a migrant station was set up by Clooney’s Lake Como home in Northern Italy after Switzerland closed its border.

From second paragraph:

Many migrants arrive by train from Milan to Como Station and camp here, hoping that they’ll reopen the official opening.”

Original Italian:

“Molti migranti arrivano col treno da Milano alla stazione di Como e qui si accampano, sperando che si riapra anche il varco ufficiale.”


Also, from Independent Journal Review: Migrants Camp Outside Clooney’s $10M Mansion

…Maybe that’s why Clooney is moving back to USA as of July 2017 amid “security concerns.”


E. Just try Googling “Hollywood stars who openly oppose mass Third World immigration.”

Nothing meaningful comes up…



And as the coup d’grace (warning, very disturbing material below)

We saw the image below everywhere of the dead Syrian boy on the shores of Turkey. The incident has its own Wikipedia page. (Archived Link)


It was used as a rallying cry to open the gates of Europe:

But what news outlets were blasting photos of the severed bodies–including the child below– from the Stockholm, Sweden truck attack?

This attack took place on April 7, 2017, committed by an ISIS sympathizer driving a truck into crowds:


…and why were you never shown photos like these?

By the way…that girl’s grave has been vandalized, her father had to keep vigil.