These nine foundational articles lay out a sequence of broad considerations providing a framework, and broadly, the spirit of this site and project.

The machinations of how these play out more specifically via cultural shifts, power and politics are not addressed here. Rather, those are being continually developed, as I myself learn in public via my livestreams and videos.

-Jared George

  1. Through the Narrow Pass
  2. The Narrow Pass of Our Times: Globalism vs. Extreme Chauvinism
  3. The Tyranny of Projection
  4. Layers of Consciousness
  5. Does Consciousness Really Precede Form?
  6. Layers of Identity
  7. Layers of Kinship
  8. A Taxonomy of Feelings
  9. Love


*Please Note: For a brief read, the About page on the TAP TV site serves as an overview for why the emphasis is on defending peoples of European descent.