Our Culture is Our True Refuge

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~Thanks to Way of the World for the name suggestion. ~


Natural: We’re Westerners, we build Western houses in our Western way.

Other houses may seem nice to us, or maybe not, but these Western houses are ours to cherish and defend.

They are the most beautiful to us and we thrive best in our houses.


Universalism: We alone know the one and only true way to build houses.

Let’s go around the world destroying everyone else’s houses, replacing them with ours—

they will see we are right one way or another. 


Globalism: Wait, our great Western houses were once… tents? Wait, they’re now turning our Western houses into tents?

Guess nothing really matters…wanna stare at screens, listen to gibberish,

and get in debt so that a select few can build their own houses and lord over us?


Progressive Relativism: Laws of physics and engineering are mere social constructs.

I will live in my own house made of unicorn hair that exists in my imagination,

which will forever shelter me from the elements and from challenges. 


Piece at beginning and end: Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, 2nd movement. 

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