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We welcomed Ilenia, member of the Italian cultural revival group “Associazione Tradizionale Pietas

and admin of popular Facebook pages, Nordic Beauty (deleted since!) and Protect Beauty (now her main page)

She also translated the book, Esoteric Aspects in the Roman Gentil Tradition.


~Topics included~

Her Facebook pages, the importance of celebrating the beauty of the varying European phenotypes,

and the censorship she has faced.

The importance of having beauty in your life for health and well-being.

The cultural revival group she is part of in Italy and their projects, their ties to similar Hellenic projects.

The unity of white people amidst the great diversity we express,

and clarifying misconceptions about Southern Europeans, especially her native Sicily.

The attacks on white people worldwide and the importance of re-claiming our symbols of fertility and veneration of ancestors.

Her time living in Germany and the psychological/demographic devastation occurring there.

The situation in Italy, pro’s and cons of Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini.

and more…


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