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James Edwards, host of The Political Cesspool radio show,

going strong for 16 years, joins TAP once again to assess this fateful year of 2020.

We touch on COVID, the social signals and varying perspectives on “trusting the authorities” on this,

the summer’s violence and riots,

the pending U.S. Presidential election,

social trends and the widening gaps in cohesion,

and more…


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~Time Stamps~

0:07 Start, thanks to supporters

1:50 James introduces himself

6:45 James’ opinions and advice on current events

10:00 Covid discussion

17:30 Fear in society

21:00 Anti White Covid hypocrisy

29:40 Staying optimistic in the face of evil/, Trump and BLM

39:40 Waking up normies in the present climate

45:00 Accelerationism vs buying more time

50:50 the “long game” of the Anti Whites/ Family

59:30 Happy Warrior

1:06:02 Building our people up

1:11:10 financial gifts

1:25:30 Jared and Jason close the show

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