John Grills Jared on His New Music | Learning in Public 17

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About This Episode

John returns the favor after I’d interviewed him for the last episode

about his newly published novel,

and gets me to talk on how I make music and all manner of things behind it…



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Approximate Time Stamps:



Why did I make “Someone To Know” my debut song?



Modern record production and my craft



Using computers and tech in art without losing humanity, rather reclaiming it now



Lyric writing



Distinction between artist and craftsman,

desire to be known by another via art



How music, lyrics and record production bounce off of one another when composing.

Telling the truth in your art, clarity, focus



Declarative lyrics vs. evocative



The interplay between music and lyrics — fullness of humanity



Language isn’t all rational—poetry and humor.

Always the harmonizing, like a full life itself



John on relational aspect of my song and art itself



My context in community from prior TGO work

Using consciousness, agency, but not necessarily breaking the machines


*Intermission starts 1:36:00 picks back up at 1:43:30*



What is it that an intuitive artist draws from? I first get into some personal history.

Chasing the artistic fire, your own life as ultimate work of art

My creative process



Creative people are open, have suspension of judgment,

how I had to square that circle



How sensitive, open artist protects against negative influences?

Health, keeping yourself tuned






The frequency changes in music itself I do for health, cymatics



Effect of music on listener

Constraints on music for sake of societal health?

Culture-art feedback loop.



How I take inspirations from non-musical sources.

Rock as cycle of Western Romantic arts movements.

Art Nouveau / Deco. Poison fruits in old movements? Turn back the clock?

Harmony of ancient and futuristic

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