Last Message to the West Contest | Submissions are in, Now What?

Subscribe to the dedicated channel for this contest, Kindred Creators, on BitChute. Vids will post there. 

Then a website for voting will be announced. 

Oct 23 2019 Update:

See this episode of After Hours for history of the contest and new developments post-YouTube ban, including spontaneous donations pouring in that increased the prize fund!



YouTube deleted the dedicated contest channel where the vids were going to first Premiere, after only the first day of Premieres on Oct 17.

Site will be announced in last week of October after we release all vids on BitChute.




What if you had one last video to convince people of the severity the West currently faces… but you knew your video would be played to millions around the world?

This was the thought experiment issued by “Last Message to the West” contest organizers, Lovely Porridge (Ruination Media), and Jared George (The Great Order) in the summer of 2019.

After setting an October 15th deadline, more than two dozen creative individuals responded, some well-known names and some newcomers.

Once all videos are posted on BitChute, a website will be announced and voting will commence.

Though there are cash prizes for the top 3 videos as chosen by the audience and the participants (voting on vids other than their own)…

…the best part is we will now have a library of powerful videos with varying style.

You can use these as outreach to your friends and family, and to inspire and remind you of what’s most important.


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