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What if we told talented content creators that they had to make one last video convincing people of the severity of the situation the West currently faces, but knew their videos would be played to millions around the world?

This was the thought experiment that Australia’s Lovely Porridge posited to me in private back in May, after appearing on an episode of The After Party livestream I host with Jason Köhne of No White Guilt.

Porridge had wanted to make such a video himself, but kicked around the idea of expanding it into a contest. The project would highlight the censorship we face via the premise of making “one last video before being banned” – but would also challenge creators to envision high stakes. We’d imagine that before the censorship hammer fell, their videos would be played in stadiums, airports, during television commercial breaks, and by other means of mass communication. The contest would also provide camaraderie, friendly competition, and create a library of videos that the audience could then use to help wake up friends and family.

I saw the potential and agreed to organize the contest with Porridge. His vision proved prescient…

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Please Note that this article was also published in physical form, appearing in White People’s Quarterly, Issue # 2

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