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About this Episode

Our guest for this episode is Hiraeth, a musician whose moniker is

a Welsh term for “the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for lost places of your past,

or perhaps something that never was.”

Continuing from the discussion

John and I had on Episode 14,

which focused more on what the changing seasons do to us,

we focus here on nostalgia, what periodic returns to the places and

relationships of your past can do for you in the present.


Select (approximate) Time Stamps:


How can you have a longing for something you haven’t even experienced?

Stepping back into the same mood/spirit


ache, longing, never quite arriving 


Extra rational faculties. The pull of homeland


Embedded warnings in our myths specific to our traits


Tripod analogy, not swinging from one extreme to another


Connection to Europe, bio-spiritiually innate melodies.

Difference between sense of home vs. fascination with the other.


Why the current nostalgia for 1980s and 1990s

The turn-of-millennium moment that posited a more positive spin on multiculturalism


Ways Nostalgia can be stifling, stifle the vitality of a people or individual.

Does it obscure something that is more real and eternal ? A coping mechanism that creates a vicious cycle? Larping.


Questioning how people may have experienced time in pre-modern era


Factors of three, stable numbers, holistic versus dichotomous worldview


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