JF’s The Revolutionary Phenotype, Part 2 | TAP-TPS Crossover

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Is it a TAP episode, is it an Outside Appearance?

This may be the first crossover show in the white positive sphere—

where the hosts of one show, acting in their official capacity as hosts, interview their guest on their guest’s own show.




Jason and I took over part of JF’s show, The Public Space, on March 8, 2019,

as JF handed full hosting duties over to us.

(Jason clipped the appearance and published it on his own channel on March 10).


Jason and I got to ask JF the questions we didn’t get to when JF was previously on TAP on January 18, 2019

discussing his book, The Revolutionary Phenotype.


Topics in this Part 2 included:

-The beginnings of creation.

-The possibility of evolutionary patterns on quantum and cosmic levels.

-Human sex drive shriveling up if we pursue non-sexual means of reproduction.

-Questions of will and choice from a biological perspective.

-JF finally granting my’s request of again using his dramatic computer imagery and effects that change his voice…

first premiered when I was on JF’s show, November 16, 2018.





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