Re-Casting the Rule Breakers, The West’s Achilles’ Heel & More | Learning in Public 7


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*Video begins at 4:50 time stamp,

as we put up an initial standby graphic when going live in order to let the live viewers

receive notifications on their social media accounts and gather in the live chat.


~Topics included~

-How type/class in the social order is not discussed enough at present, creating confusion.


-The will for individual self-expression in a time when we’re told

there “are no rules” and everyone should “be themselves”–how to the contrary, this is actually limiting.


-European man’s blind spots and Achilles’ heel as regards looking outward

to the rest of the world with curiosity.

The pros and cons of this, if multiculturalism could have meant something different.


-Addressing a listener who asked why artists are drawn to cities,

re-imaginings of what landscapes and living spaces could look like in a theoretical future.


& more…




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