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The TAP 2nd year birthday stream from a few days prior was such a parade of positive activity,

we decided to use this episode of After Hours to assess some of what we

and our community had created or supported  in the past year,

roughly from February 2019 to February 2020.

Plus some hints at things to come.


The celebratory list of recent initiatives and victories from us and the wider circles for white wellbeing included:


Launch/growth of new streams: After Hours, It’s Late Night Somewhere, and Going Free.

Jason’s launch of NWG Collectibles site.

Collaborative Spring Incantation video.

Jared’s bounce back from Vox Adpocalypse, “The Banned” livestream.

Jared’s Skits launch.

Help WPQ magazine launch (stream focusing on first issue), published in both issues thus far.

Jared’s Red Ice series starts.

Launch the TAP TV site, break new ground with Entropy, as streams can be watched directly on this site when live. 

White Wellbeing Community vids launch, promoting Überfolk, Volk Dissident collab, promoting White Art Collective.

Jared’s Who We Are collaboration video.

Jared and Porridge’s Last Message to the West contest.

Jason’s publication of Go Free, 2nd edition.

Jared published in New Agora journal, crossovers

International flyer drops. Past flyers in US mentioned on local news. Initiated by community members, only posted in legal areas. 

Matthew Drake’s video for Jason

Groypers, things spilling over into real life, conversation on demographics being pushed towards mainstream.

Upcoming  standalone publication of Jason’s mytho-poetic book, Prometheus Rising, and subsequent and artists’ edition (expected Spring 2020).

Jared planning collaborative book project with Tony Vermont of White People’s Press (later in 2020).

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