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There is a holistic order inherent in the cosmos

that we can approximate in our endeavors.

One example of a more natural conception of

society is the classical sense of “polis,”

the organization of a group of people who

relate to each other in meaningful and organic ways.


This has been largely stripped in cold, mechanical, theoretically

imagined ways to organize societies in the modern West,

under the boot of globalism.


We must reestablish natural flows of meaning and boundaries.

Language can never fully be controlled and thus there is an attempt to brainwash

people on the most fundamental level of their thoughts and language.

Taking back our own sovereign thought and language

is the first and most crucial step in

how we can reassert the interconnectedness and sanctity of life.


From Learning in Public Episode 23, aired February 24th, 2021.


The Guest was Michael Michailidis:


Twitter for his podcast, “On Tyranny”



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