Our Britannic Majesty’s Request (Poem)

Sacred, ancient Albion lend your ears to me. Let whispers of the reed stems bleed into fields around me. For language, blood, and spirit draw a bow string and I feel the pull; there something shared. Possess me of your story’s wisdom, a wrestle with love and fleeting calculation. There’s a door somewhere in your grassy web and that’s why the heart and why the … Continue reading Our Britannic Majesty’s Request (Poem)

From This Way to That (Poem)

Perfect squares all laid together prism of a suggested gesture that in our sleep we feign as secret, lulling me down from this way to that. Shapely shards of purest light, contained within a boundary tight backdropped to the velvet black something calls from this way to that. Weaving a tune, all contours, smooth, shapes cascading justly. I hear the sirens’ call in reverse, sussing … Continue reading From This Way to That (Poem)