Pills | Skit

Watch the embedded video below without having to leave the TAP TV site.    Direct BitChute Link Direct IGTV Link Direct YouTube Link   ~Another “Skype Skit”~ Featuring Philosophicat & Jared George -Written by Jared George -Edited by MICA Official Philosophicat: YouTube Twitter Gab Überfolk ~Special thanks to~ The Blonde Buttermaker for helping with the concept and Poseidon for his “Clown World remix” music … Continue reading Pills | Skit

On Jared’s New Red Ice Video & Skit “Pills” with PhilosophiCat | ILNS

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.      Direct YouTube Link Direct BitChute Link   The cozy radio-style stream returns. Chatting with Philosophicat and getting a first look at the new skit she and Jared did together, looking at the LastMessageToTheWest.com video contest site, and also watching Jared’s second Red Ice TV feature.   ~Guest’s Links~ YouTube Twitter Patreon Minds   Continue reading On Jared’s New Red Ice Video & Skit “Pills” with PhilosophiCat | ILNS

Land of the Free (Shipping) | Skit

*Due to the nature of social media video platforms where I and my colleagues deal with regular censorship and de-personing, please see the Shows and Vids  pages on this site for any updates, especially if you are seeing broken links on this current post. ~   Another “Skype Skit” Direct BitChute Link Direct Instagram TV Link Direct YouTube Link   Featuring Philosophicat & Jared George Written by Jared George Edited … Continue reading Land of the Free (Shipping) | Skit