Rachel Summers – Academic Exile | TAP

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.  Direct Odysee Link Direct YouTube Link or listen in audio-only podcast form on Spreaker.   Rachel Summers returns to speak about outlaws (she’d spent time in and writes about American biker culture), the left brain / right brain split and how it plays out socially and politically, regaining harmonious, holistic thinking, true creativity and the … Continue reading Rachel Summers – Academic Exile | TAP

Genes and Memes 1: Getting It

Watch the embedded video below. Direct BitChute Link The first in a series. Some of these thoughts were spurned on by Stefan Molyneux’s “The Unspoken Biology of Culture.” Being part of something goes beyond mere identifiers and common points of interest that you can list. Those in the know in a given group often say–explicitly or implicitly–“you either get it or you don’t.” There’s also … Continue reading Genes and Memes 1: Getting It