The Sperm Apocalypse

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Products I use (I am not financially compensated from linking and am not associated with these companies):


Mobile Phone Protector

Shower Filter

Water Bottle with built-in Filter

Nutri Bullet 900, I use it every day

Applegate Natural Meats (local is best but this is a start)

Winix Air Filters

Above Sink Counter Water Filter


Under Sink Counter Water Filter


In general:

No chemicals rubbed on hair or skin. Research organic oils: coconut, argan, rosemary (check for personal allergies).

Aloe vera, natural soaps, and non-fluoride toothpastes.

Mineral salt-based deodorants, at least no aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens.

Chemical-free cleaning products as well. 

Start eating food with no artificial ingredients/preservatives.


From Video Content:

“Funding for studying male fertility is low.”

-2nd image, “Pills Through TV” credit: Jason Hoffman/Thrillist

-“Hidden Ingredients in Beer” credit.



The above is not intended as health/medical advice,

just sharing what I currently know.

Please do your own research.

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