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During roughly the first forty minutes of the stream while our guest, Mike, was getting his power back up,

Jason and I discussed some of the audience’s health and wellness questions.

Then Traditional Mike joined, who hails from Australia

and has taken up the cause of the white population in South Africa.


We discussed:

-What peoples of European descent from around the world need to know about South Africa.

-How the situation in South Africa reflects patterns that have occurred throughout the Western world.

-The United South Africa Coalition

-The horrific story of South African girl, Kayla Meyer, and her family,

who represent what so many farmers in South Africa have experienced.

Mike has taken up the cause of sharing her story with the world and administers a Facebook page in her memory.

-Mike’s advocacy for South Africa in his home of Australia

and white South African refugee status.

And more…


One thought on “Traditional Mike on South African Horror | TAP

  1. The great tragedy of what is happening to the white people of South Africa is that it was entirely predictable. Power is never shared in Africa and once the blacks, and their financial backers, were given the power they used it to rob everything not nailed down and killed their enemies. The whites were also betrayed by their political and religious leaders. It’s difficult to see what can be done to remedy the situation and it is certainly possible that the remaining whites will be eradicated entirely unless they can obtain support from outside the country. I’m not optimistic about that as the whites are right at the bottom of the victim list at present.

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