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Not that I put much faith in electoral politics…but if the politicians ask, tell them this. 

The seven points were composed in conjunction with Twitter account, @WhiteStudentT



Any politician seeking the votes of European-descended peoples (sometimes called “white” for the sake of ease) must:

1. Ensure that laws regarding racial bias and hate crime are applied to any attacks directed at our population.

2. Measure the level of access to all schools, scholarship programs, employment, government jobs and mandate proportionate access to them—although we will eventually seek to significantly revise ethnically-based hiring and freedom of association laws.

3. Provide taxpayer funding and legal services for victims of anti-white crimes.

4. Put forth policies and legislation that strengthens our population while encouraging legal recourse against any person or institution seeking to inhibit these efforts.

5. Ensure legal recourse for the use of structuring and reporting practices used by media platforms that result in social backlash and attacks on our population.

6. Provide legislation prohibiting any person or entity seeking to deny us our freedom of speech or attempting to conceal any details or evidence of those who carry out attacks against us.

7. Directly challenge “multi-legalism“ by passing legislation to criminalize one-sided surveillance and selective enforcement of laws, and nullify any laws that do not offer equal protection to our population, deeming these unconstitutional.

In short, we’re not voting for you if you’re going to stay locked in the current paradigm and act like white people are not here and don’t have their own concerns.

If you can’t mention the peoples of European descent, I’m not participating in our farce of a system and I’m not voting for you.

And no word games about who’s white or European. You know full well who we are when guilt is doled out or reparations are requested.

For far too long, the Republican Party in the US—and other such parties in other nations—have banked on whites having nowhere else to go. These parties have acquiesced to the anti-white paradigm of our age and therefore cannot overtly appeal to whites in any way. They literally say such things in their meetings.

We’ve seen the devastation this has caused and we are saying “no more.”

No matter who is in office, no matter which party holds power, public schools and mass media enforce a narrative of unique white evil and white oppression, presenting an immature, one dimensional view of history.

It teaches white children they are born with an original sin they can never really atone for. This is violence of the highest magnitude, this is child abuse, causing profound psychological, and other, kinds of illness in peoples of European descent.

To question this and form any kind of self defense or advocacy that celebrates being of European descent is immediately shut down and deemed hateful.

The force of societal shaming and the manipulation of federal and state laws being twisted comes down in full force on any white person who steps out of line.

Groups and individuals celebrating European culture in the most benign ways or just stating “have more whites babies” are censored and de-platformed on social media, the public square of the modern age, with impunity.

And while immigration debates supposedly rage on in the US and elsewhere, between the main parties, the entrenched powers, it’s really just a question of paperwork.

Legal immigration is just another flavor, another means by which there will be less people European descent and less Western, European cultural hegemony.

Conflicts and competition for resources are a part of history and all ethnicities and cultures have engaged in such things, the adults in the room know this.

Peoples of European descent are actually unique in having conceived of moral rights for those they conquered, and projecting themselves into the experiences of these other peoples.

There was no country on the North American continent for the early European settlers and pioneers to take over or leech off of.

But this isn’t the time or place to get into analyses of history or justifications.

I make no justifications or appeals to morality when it comes to protecting my family. Likewise, I need no pretexts to justify protecting the heritage and integrity of the varying ethnicities of the European peoples, wherever they are.

It’s ultimately about who is presenting the spin, the angles, who is doing the interpreting. This fact is made abundantly clear from the brazen anti-white strides continually being made in politics and media.

So why should I and those like me put any faith or legitimacy in what’s being offered?

The paradigm needs a radical shakeup, and I and those with me have too much self-respect to tacitly support this pathology of anti-whiteness.

I’d like to say that the seven points above were developed in a recent exchange I had with the Twitter account @WhiteStudentT, he largely wrote them, I suggested the latter four, and I have his blessing to mention this.

I of course ask colleagues and associates to add any ideas they have to these points going forward.

I’ll also mention that this same logic applies to companies we do business with. While companies cannot be explicitly white-positive given the current sorry state of affairs, we will be monitoring companies and corporations  to see just how anti-white they are, and will be voting with our wallets accordingly.


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